Imprint Bothell Building Idea

We believe God is leading us to convert the large warehouse space at Imprint Church Bothell into a beautiful space for Worship Gatherings. You can watch the video from our Family Meeting below, or keep reading to learn more.

The Idea

In 2023 we were gifted a 4 million dollar property in Bothell, debt-free. However, this property  has some problems: the parking lot is too small and doesn’t drain properly, and there isn’t enough meeting space to invite people from our community to church.

Renovating the empty warehouse would allow us to expand our outreach and bring more neighbors to church.

The estimated cost for the project (parking lot and building) is $4 million and will take about 3 years to complete. We asked you for your approval in the form of pledges over the past several week. We planned to interpret enough pledges as God's direction to move forward or a lack of pledges as the Lord telling us not to move forward. 

THe Results

Well… we've counted the pledges of Imprint Woodinville and Imprint Bothell and here is what we've determined:

We've decided to move forward!

We believe God has made it very clear through YOU—through what you've pledged to give—that we should move forward.

So thank you for your generosity! Thank you for your commitment to give sacrificially above and beyond your normal giving to make this happen! We’re thanking the Lord for giving us clarity through YOU.

This is a significant moment in the life of our church. God has been so exceedingly generous to Imprint—to give us two locations, to do a renovation project at Imprint Woodinville that's on the cusp of being completed, and to give us a 4 million dollar property in Bothell—debt free!

Now he's enabling us—through your generosity—to create more space at Imprint Bothell for us to welcome more people into the life of our church, and to make more grateful and generous disciples through the Gospel of Jesus Christ preached and sung and celebrated every Sunday. It's an amazing Gift. Thank you!


We want to share some big picture things about the project, along with some specifics about what was pledged and the financial side of things.

This is going to be a lengthy process that will progress at roughly the  speed of a glacier. The projected dates for the work are always a moving target. Phase 1 of the project is the parking lot. Phase 2 is the renovation of the warehouse. It could take six months or more to even get permits to break ground on the parking lot. We estimate that the parking lot will be completed  in a year and a half to two years. Then the building renovation will take another two years. Like we said, the speed of a glacier!

We said that we wouldn't move forward with the idea unless we received sufficient pledges. We had some people ask us what we considered "sufficient." So far $1.5 million has been pledged, which is incredible! In a couple of weeks time you pledged almost as much as our annual operating budget of $1.8 million.

We know that $1.5 million is well below the estimated total cost of $4 million. So why consider that sufficient to move forward?

First of all, it completely covers the cost of the first phase of the project, which is the parking lot. The parking lot portion is estimated to cost about $1.4 million. For us, we felt that if we hit that number in pledges we could get started with the parking lot.

Secondly, we anticipate additional pledges during this lengthy process. We have had a number of people ask us if they could re-up their pledge in the coming years. On top of this, new people are joining Imprint Church regularly so we also want to give them the opportunity to give toward this project. We plan to open up the opportunity to pledge again next year.

Our leadership is also open to considering traditional financing for any remaining balance. A loan isn't our first choice, but since we don't have a mortgage or rent payment on this property right now it is a reasonable option.

We’re available to talk more if you have questions. You can connect to all of the elder team if you shoot us an email at We will give you updates along the way, but the main thing we want to leave with you is our gratitude and that this is something to thank God for together.

We are leaving the online pledge card open for a few more weeks. If you feel led to contribute to this project, you can click the button bellow.