Imprint Bothell Building Idea

In 2023, after searching for three years for a property to rent for Imprint Bothell, God opened a door for us. We were already exceedingly grateful for this, and then we were gifted this 4 million dollar property, debt-free, from the church that had owned and used the building for years. While the space is currently meeting our needs, the property has some significant issues: the parking lot is too small and doesn’t drain properly and we’re running out of space on Sunday mornings, which is limiting our ability to invite others from our community into the life of Imprint Church.

We believe that the solution to our space problem lies in renovating the large, empty warehouse which is attached to our building. This would allow us to expand our outreach and bring more neighbors to join us in corporate worship as we sing, celebrate, and preach the good news of Jesus.

The estimated cost for the project (parking lot and building) is $4 million and will take 3 to 4 years to complete. In the spring of 2024, we asked the people of Imprint Church to let us know if they think this is a good idea, and if so to let us know by pledging financial support for the project. Based on the positive response from the church, we believe God has made it clear that we should move forward with the renovation.
This is going to be a lengthy process that will progress at roughly the speed of a glacier. Projected dates for the work are always a moving target.

Phase 1 of the project is enlarging and resurfacing parking lot. Phase 2 is the renovation of the warehouse. It could take six months or more to even get permits to break ground on the parking lot. We estimate that the parking lot will be completed in a year and a half to two years (possibly end of 2025 or early 2026). Then the building renovation will likely take another two years. So maybe completed in 2028? Like we said, the speed of a glacier, and a lot of guesswork regarding timelines and dates.

Preliminary plans have been sketched and applications for permits for various parts of the project have been submitted to Snohomish County. We will update the church whenever we get approval for these and make any headway.

At some point down the road we will re-open the opportunity for pledging toward the project, as current members have asked if they can re-up their pledges in the upcoming years. We also want to allow newer members of Imprint to partner in the project.

Imprint’s leadership is available to talk if you have any questions. You can connect to all of the elder team if you shoot us an email at

We praise and thank God for his tremendous generosity in giving us this property and for moving us forward through the incredible generosity of his people at Imprint! To God be the glory through Jesus Christ our Lord!